User guide

Here are the applications for iPhone (iOS 5 minimum) that you can install and use in the following cities:

              iconeHE                      iconeMV
Heritage Experience – Paris Sud
           Mémoire Vive – Bagnols-Sur-Cèze


    Walking the Edit – Brussels


Once you have downloaded the right app from the Appstore, you just have to:

  1. Go outside and put on your earphones;
  2. Launch the app’ on your iPhone. As the application is working with the GPS of the iPhone, it will work correctly only if you are under the open sky;
  3. Start the recording of your walk: press on the record button. You have to choose the “use scenario” and you’re ready to go
  4. Walk, listen, look… walk, run, stay still…
  5. Stop the recording. NEW: You can now see your resulting movie in the walks list (but you have to be connected over Wifi to do so);
  6. To be able to view and share the movie on the web, you have to publish your walk: select the right walk and clic on publish. At the first publication, you will have to create a user, so that the walk and the movie can be linked to you;
  7. Watch the resulting movie on the Walking the Edit website – you will find it under the name you gave to your walk.

A help text is also available directly in the application.

If you have a question, feedback or a suggestion, we are very happy to read your comments if you send us a mail.