Create your own movies !

At the end of the road, the movie…

The artistic aim of the project is to enable the creation of unique and individual movies by anybody, based on already existing audio-visual material and… a walk.
In short, each trajectory recorded by a visitor creates a numeric trace which, once analysed by our “editing engine”, will generate in realtime an individual and unique movie based on geolocalized footage.

How does it work and what are the outcomes ? Here is a short video presentation (with english subtitles) made by Nouvo | TSR 2010


Walking the Edit | By Nouvo from Ulrich Fischer on Vimeo.

Stories are coming from under your feet…

Stories of-from-about-with the territory: the practice of “walking of a movie” is an open and playful way of interacting with the audiovisual memory of our surrounding environment and everyday life. By mixing our immediate reality with feeds and data coming from the digital space (the mobile internet), we create a so-called “augmented reality”.

The project “Walking the Edit” opens an alternative path to this hybrid territory, by reducing the data-worlds into an artificial construction that is a story-line. One story out of many potential others: the past of the place you are interacting with is (re)combining itself to deliver a new, contextual and unique story that belongs to your present.