Short description

Generate your own movie just by walking !

By using our free iPhone app, that records your trajectory with the built-in GPS,
you hear along the way the soundtrack of the movie that you are walking …


As you progress, the audio visual material previously placed on the territory is “called up” into your movie: the form of your trajectory becomes the form of the movie.


Once the walk is complete, you can watch the resulting movie on the iPhone or on the website, choose to share it with the other users and watch their movie.

One personal path, one unique movie

Using the “Walking the Edit” system, you can create as many surprising movies as you wish: each personal path will generate it’s own unique movie.
Like an Audio-Walk, you hear stories about / from the territory you pass through – but you get much more: the liberty to walk how you wish, where your footsteps are “driving” you.
The movie is not before you, but behind you !

Note: for the moment you just have to walk and you will get a result based on the already existing audiovisual fragments that are linked to the territory; but in a few month (end of 2013 hopefully) it will be possible to create your own content while walking and thus augmenting your own movie with your own images…!