The crew which is currently working on the project is composed by:

Fabrice Truillot – Mac OSX programmer (Memoways application)
Nicolas Goy – Main programmer (server, database & API’s) and associated in Memoways
Amos Wenger – Web developper (web-sdk & web site) 
Ulrich Fischer – The project initiator and leader.

Diverse internships (at this moment Nora Lune, Dorothée Arnaud, Paula González-Rubio & Malena Azzam) are working on the content (mainly on the postproduction and indexation workflow).

Over the past years, around 50 people where involved in the different iterations and adaptations of the project. The goal is to create independent teams for each adaptation: through the use of our software platform Memoways, it is possible to work in a decentralized form. This opens the project to new people and makes each adaptation independent and unique.

Once the software platform is ready to receive and manage user generated content, the project can really open to a wider active community.

For each adaptation (localized project), we work with different people – please look at the adaptations pages for details.