When the cinema diverts the urban
When automatism becomes sensitive
When the camera is the eye and the foot
When the document strangely transcends fiction

Starting point:

This project was initiated through a research project within the Master Cinéma at the ECAL in Renens (Switzerland): a crew of 15 people (artists, technicians) has worked during one and a half year, between january 2008 and july 2009 to build up the experimental version of this system. The resulting movies that allowed to showcase the “proof of concept” are visible here.


Since summer 2009, the project continues within the company C-SIDE Productions SA.  With financial support of public fundings and invitations from institutions, festivals or galleries, it was possible to build up 9 different adaptations of this project through the world.

We are currently working on several new adaptations: Lausanne, specific adaptations in  Geneva, Bagnols-Sur-Cèze (in the south of the France) and Montreal. More news in the blog.

The “Walking the Edit” project is based on the Memoways toolset. We are working on a cloud platform that will enable any audiovisual content producer to build up project like Walking the Edit (“walk your movie!”), or like this other we did in Paris in 2011.

This post gives some information about the evolution of our actual software developments.