May 2013

Update of WE @ Brussels on the appstore.


December 2012

It took a long time to get the app for Brussels on the appstore, but here it is: the link to download the app and walk a movie in Brussels !

Here is a presentation movie shot in september 2012 at iMAL:

September 2012

After having been nominated at the “New Technological Art Award 2012”, the institution iMAL is co-producing the adaptation of “Walking the Edit” in Brussel. In collaboration with six artists living and working in Brussel, we created the content this summer in order to present the project to the public for the exhibition that will start the 21st of September and last until the 18 november 2012.

The artists that are participating on this adaptation are:
– Alexandra Dementieva
– Anton Henne
– Kristina Ianatchkova
– Boris Lehman
– Stéfan Piat
– Dominique Vandervorst

Specific thanks to: Yves Bernard, Audrey Brisack, Marie-Laure Delaby, Pierre Brandini and Caroline Gudinchet.

More details about this adaptation are in the blog (in french only).

The delimitation of the territory

Afficher WE@iMAL sur une carte plus grande