To give a territory a new existence
To heighten the reality of a district
To establish the authority of a collective authorship
To play with a cinematic form of the incomplete

Every adaptation of this project in a new local context is highly specific: the results and targeted public are depending on the geolocalized content (archive material, documentary images of today, pieces of fiction etc), the way of indexing the content (producing specific metadata, setting up the variables etc) and the nature of the context (topography, socio-cultural context etc).

It is possible to imagine and build up following versions on top of this website:

An “installation” version This involves being able to transpose the system to other cities. There could be several types of installations: an installation with temporary centralization (a starting space where one can watch the films, the trajectories of the visitors through a projection of their traces in real time, etc.); an unrestricted, decentralized installation (where the essential passes via a website and individual downloading of the iPhone application); an installation that uses existing urban screens (the films being walked are broadcast on public screens in the same space); an installation which combines the above possibilities;

A “performance” version. A performer-editor walks through the city and creates a movie in real time that the viewers can watch simultaneously in a cinema. He/she has prior knowledge of the material and the issue here is to be able to bring the desired media into the flow of the edit through the physical journey. This version can be carried out on the same basis as the installation version (it can therefore be combined).
For example, a performance made in Geneva in December 2010:

Walking the Edit @ IM2010: marche collective par Nicolas Field from Ulrich Fischer on Vimeo.

By extension, it is possible to imagine a version which uses audiovisual material from a source other than specific film shoots: archives, media from an internship / specific workshop, etc.