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Walking the Edit is an innovative system to “walk a movie” : your recorded walk will be translated into a movie through our iPhone app’.

It’s great that videos, pictures and other data can be geolocalized thus creating an ‘augmented space’. But we are left to wonder… how can we turn this abundance of information into a story? Can we build a narrative with all this geolocalized information? How can we make a visit to this augmented space a more coherent and enriching experience?

‘Walking the Edit’ enables you to ‘walk a movie’ based on the shared audiovisual pieces that are virtually existing around us.
You just walk through a neighborhood and our iPhone app tracks your progress and translates your itinerary into a story drawing from the multitude of virtual information held in the ‘augmented space’. All this in realtime!

Once your trajectory is translated into a movie you can watch it and see the movies of other people.

NEWS May 2014

  • We are building a brand new mobile application, calledMemowalk“. Full of new features, this application will be available during summer 2014. Watch the video.
  • “Walking the Edit” is based on the Memoways Cloud Platform. We are working on a OS X Application that will enable any audiovisual content producer to build up project like Walking the Edit, or like this other we did in Paris in 2011. The blog of Memoways gives some information about the evolution of our actual software developments.